Power Drill Driftwood

How to drill holes in driftwood for making decorative boats and candle holders.

drilling hole in driftwood
To drill holes into driftwood is easy. All you need is a power drill with different drill bits.

make driftwood sail boats
To make a Driftwood Sail Boat, you drill a hole that fits the mast piece into the center of the base log. Then add glue and stick in the mast.

different driftwood sailboats

drilling hole in driftwood for candle holder
Now it's drilling time for me, turning a flat driftwood piece into a tea light candle holder with a Forstner drill bit.

drilling hole in wood with Forstner drill bit
The Forstner bit, which comes in a variety of sizes, is perfect for making Driftwood Votive & Tealight Candle Holders. You can drill larger flat holes with this bit.

how to drill wood
Clamp your driftwood to the table to hold it in place, otherwise it might spin around, and wear safety glass.

my driftwood candle holders
Since the edge of the hole didn't turn out as clean as I had hoped (the driftwood was on the soft side), I simply hot glued rope around the holders to cover it up.