Driftwood Candle Holders

Create rustic ambiance in your home with a driftwood candle holders and driftwood candle centerpieces. Shop & DIY.

Driftwood Pillar Candle Holder

Driftwood Pillar Candle Holder
A driftwood candle holder makes for a lovely centerpiece on a table or buffet and it works very well in a festive setting.

Gray Washed Driftwood Candle Holder

Driftwood Candelabra Candle Holder

Driftwood Candelabra Candle Holder Coffee Table Centerpiece Idea
Driftwood candelabra candle holder as a coffee table centerpiece, seen in a Coastal Home by the Sea.

Driftwood Pinecone Candle Holders

Handmade Driftwood Votive Candle Holders

DIY Driftwood Log Candle Holder Idea Table Centerpiece
And a beautiful DIY driftwood log candle holder by Kim Power Style.

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