Handcrafted Home Decor with Driftwood

Driftwood decor in a German home by the sea.

Driftwood House Number Sign

In this German Home by the Sea handcrafted driftwood home decor abounds.

handcrafted home decor with driftwood
A peek into the home owner's workshop tells it all.

driftwood vase
A driftwood wrap for a votive candle holder or vase.

handcrafted driftwood candle holder
Stacked driftwood candle holder.

Treibholz Kerzenhalter
A simple driftwood votive candle holder that does not require Drilling Driftwood.

driftwood wreath
A lovely Driftwood Wreath.

driftwood pencil holder
Driftwood as pencil holder.

handcrafted driftwood note board
A Coastal Memo Board with pins, embellished with driftwood.

handmade driftwood rack
An easy to make driftwood rack. Also see What you can Do with a Long Piece of Driftwood.

driftwood shelf
A Hanging Rope Driftwood Shelf.

handcrafted driftwood toilet paper holder
Even a toilet paper holder can be found on the beach.

handcrafted home decor
Other handcrafted home decor items are purely decorative.

driftwood garland
And a lovely Driftwood Garland.