Hanging Rope Shelf Ideas | Shop & DIY

Nautical Rope has become very popular. Hanging rope shelves are yet another great idea how to use rope in your home.

hanging rope shelf

Hanging Rope Shelf

This hanging rope shelf is ultra coastal, using Driftwood and Nautical Cleat Hardware

DIY hanging rope shell
This hanging rope shelf could be perfect for the kitchen window, lining up herb pots, for example. It's made with one shelf only. You simply drill four holes, then pull knotted rope through. Knot the rope together at the top, then hang from hooks. Original source of image unknown.

hanging rope shelf for art
Hanging rope shelf in an Alys Beach Home. A ladder shelf that showcases one framed shell prints on each "step."

diy shelves
DIY Rope Shelf at My Home Ideas. This shelf is hung on one hook.

rope shelf how to
A close up of the above hanging rope shelf. The shelves are spaced evenly, 8 inches apart, and secured with dowel pieces. In the instruction it says that once each dowel piece is in place, you can just twist it up and down for fine adjustment. So you don't have to be too scientific about the spacing.

rope shelf idea
Here is another example.

rope shelf in bathroom
This hanging Rope Shelf is secured to the wall with L brackets and hung from eye hooks. Here the rope functions as a support structure.

kitchen rope shelf hanging from ceiling
And a hanging Rope Shelf Idea for the kitchen. A clever and practical idea that reminds me of pot racks. You could, in fact, easily screw hooks into the wood to hang pots and/or large serving utensils.