Simple Driftwood Wall Shelf Ideas

Neat and simple driftwood wall shelf ideas. You only need one plank of driftwood to create an awesome wall shelf.

driftwood wall shelves
You can use ordinary brackets to construct driftwood wall shelves. Via Pinterest.

colorful shelf brackets
Find decorative wall brackets or paint wood brackets in fun colors. Both ideas are from Wunderweib.

shelving system with driftwood
An entire shelving system with driftwood planks, found here. For the owner the driftwood shelves are more art than function. They are kept simple with only a few pieces of art so that your full attention is on the natural beauty of the driftwood.

DIY driftwood shelf bedroom
Driftwood shelf with driftwood brackets by Allison Lind Interiors, featured here.

creative driftwood shelf idea
Find other creative ways to mount your driftwood plank. Made by Ocean Swept.

bedroom driftwood wall shelf
Via Perfectly Imperfect.

DIY Floating Shelf with Driftwood
Make a floating driftwood shelf. Tutorial here.

wall shelf with driftwood
Alternatively, you could also attach a driftwood piece to the front of a single shelf as spotted here.