Blue Christmas Ornaments | Aqua, Turquoise & other Ocean Hues

Bring the sea to your Christmas tree with blue aquatic Ornaments.

Turquoise Aqua Blue Christmas Ball Ornaments

What could be possibly more oceanic than turquoise and aqua blue ball ornaments. The reflective surface of ball ornaments will make your tree sparkle with beautiful blues. 


Blue Sea Ocean Creature Critter Glass Ornaments

Each Christmas holiday season Pottery Barn has a variety of coastal Mercury glass ornaments. They are sparkly and fun and make great little gifts too.  

Resin starfish make awesome ornaments. They are a very popular choice of coastal Christmas ornaments. Populate your tree with these blue starfish ornaments (or other color) and you will have a stunning coastal Christmas tree. You can also string these starfish together into a garland to Drape over a Fireplace Mantel or hang on the wall.  

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