Handmade Coastal Christmas Ornaments by Martha Stewart

Sparkling Handmade Christmas ornaments by Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart's handmade Christmas ornaments are all glittered up, and some are adorned with fancy things like pearls and tinsel. Martha is known for perfection, so these coastal Christmas ornaments require a little time and dedication.

Shell Ornaments with glitter handmade shell ornaments with glitter
Glitter Shell Ornaments

how to make glitter shell ornaments glitter shells with Martha Stewart
Glitter Striped Shell Ornaments
Click on this link and you'll find a video, showing you step by step how all the different Christmas ornaments are made and glittered.

handmade sea urchin Christmas ornament how to make sea urchin ornament
Sea Urchins

how to glitter ship ornament how to make glitter sailboat ornaments
Ship Ornaments

handmade shell tree topper Martha Stewart handmade shell tree topper
Shell Christmas Tree Topper

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Christmas tree with handmade glitter ornamentsAnd Martha Stewart's a stunning coastal Christmas tree.

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