22 DIY Coastal Beach Christmas Ornaments

Create your own coastal beach Christmas ornaments with these ideas.

Seaglass Ornament
Clear Christmas ball beach ornaments are fun to make and they're really cute. From simple sand filled ornaments to vacation ornaments. These simple beauties are made by A Day at the Beach (via Facebook).

Make a few special beach vacation ornaments to add to your existing decorations, deck out an entire tree with handmade coastal ornaments, or give some old ornaments new life.

Filled Clear Beach Ornament
To make filled beach ornaments, use Standard Clear Ball Ornaments, remove the hook to fill. Just make sure not to overload the ornaments. For more elaborate creations, like the Florida vacation ornament, use Clear Fillable Ornaments that Open.

Beach Sign Ornament - Source Unknown
Ornaments Filled with Sea Glass
Florida Vacation Ornament
Glass Ornament with Sea Glass Pieces
Sand Filled Ornaments
Make a Beach Ornament on the Beach

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Gold Painted Clear Ball Ornament
Clear plastic ball ornament that is filled with sand and painted with iridescent bronze, pearl and gold acrylic paint. Original source no longer available.

Vinyl Letter Beach Quote Ornament
Add a beach quote to your filled ornament with vinyl letters. By TGN Creations

Beach Ornament with Sharpie Quote
Or simply use a sharpie to write your beach quote on the ornament. Original source is no longer available.

beach bucket ornament
Beach bucket ornaments made with Mini Beach Pails. Via Pinterest.

shell ornaments
Shell ornaments are the ultimate beachcomber ornaments. Just attach twine or ribbon to your beach shells. Maybe add a little glitter, paint them gold or silver -any color you wish! Or change up old ornaments by gluing shells (and sand) to them.

19 Simple Shell Ornaments
Shell Covered Ball Ornament
Glittered Ornaments by Martha Stewart
Silver Painted Shell Ornaments
Gold Painted Shell Ornaments & Shell Tree Topper
Sand and Shell Decorated Blue Ornament

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handmade salt dough ornaments
Baked salt dough starfish ornaments that have lots of character and whimsy.

Salt Dough Starfish Tree Ornament
Salt Dough Table Top Decor Ornaments

sand dollar cookie ornaments
Unlike the salt dough ornaments, you can bake edible ornaments, for example awesome Sand Dollar Cookies. Original source for this particular sand dollar cookie ornament is no longer available.

rope ornaments
Rope ornaments have a rustic nautical vibe. Just like shell covered ornament, a rope wrap can give old ornaments a whole new look.