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Simply by the Sea | Coastal Beach Cottage Design & Interior Decor Book

This Book is for everyone who loves the dreamy beach cottage look.

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Coastal Gift Wrapping Papers

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Home Decor Gift Ideas for Coastal & Beach Style Living

Buy gifts you love, things that you would want for your own home. I'd be th…

Coastal Beach & Sea Life Christmas Cookie Ideas | Recipes for Sand Dollar Cookies & More

Delightful coastal beach Christmas cookies & cookie cutters.

How to Make a Seaglass Bowl | 2 Ways

Take a look at these pretty seaglass bowls!

Sea Inspired DIY Soap Ideas for a Coastal Touch in the Bathroom

Add a personal touch to the Bathroom with these sea inspired DIY soap ideas!

DIY Candles with Embedded Shells

Add ambiance with  Shell Candles ,  Sand Candles , Beach Gel Candles  and candles ma…

Christmas Jars -Charming Beach Theme Ideas

Spread cheer around your home with charming beach theme Christmas jars.

Plaster Craft -Hearts with Shells & Seaglass

Here is a quick and easy plaster craft idea.

Handmade Heart Art with Driftwood, Shells, Rocks and Seaglass

Lovely handmade heart art, created with driftwood, shells, rocks, even seaglass…

Gift Wrapping Ideas -From Beach Papers to Charts to Jars to Bags

Wrap your gifts with Decorative Coastal Gift Wrapping Papers .

Lighthouse Gift Tin Boxes with Cookies

The loveliest lighthouse gift tin boxes with cookies.

Handmade Gift Tags from Etsy Stores for Gift Giving and Decorating

We all need gift Tags for the Holiday season, and you'll find plenty of the…

Create your own Sand Writing Picture

A sand writing picture makes for a unique and personal decoration, and a one of…

Homemade Coastal Craft Gift Ideas for Last Minute Gifts

Here are a few very simple homemade craft gift ideas that you might have fun ma…

Homemade Decorative and Colorful Bath Salts

Homemade decorative bath salts are the ultimate spa gift for sea lovers, and to…

Cool Gift Ideas under 50 Dollars

<b> Browse All Cool Coastal Gift Ideas</b> Beachy Painted Wine Glasses from Pier 1

Gift Wrap It Coastal Style -Ideas with Shells, Sanddollars, Seaglass and more