DIY Candles with Embedded Shells

If you are into candle making, you probably made some awesome Candles with Shells, maybe even Sand Candles and Beach Gel Candles. The following candles are made with embedded with shells.
These Shell Embedded Candles from Pier 1 look dreamy. Imagine them made with your own little shells that you collected on the beach.

Candle embedded with Shells
Embedded shell candles capture the beach in a very unique way. To embed shells in a candle, you will need two Candle Molds. One for the core candle, and a second, larger mold to create the outer layer of wax with the embedded shells, where they will be easily visible and away from the wick and flame. For a detailed tutorial, head over to eHow.

shell candle
You can also place your shells on the bottom of the mold, then pour the melted wax over them, so they are just covered. Let dry, then add the wick and more wax. As described in detail at Brillante Interiors.

More Ideas How to Make a Shell Embedded Candle:
A much easier way to embed shells would be to melt spots with a hot glue gun and press little shells into the wax. You could also create an outer candle layer with embedded shells only, then place a votive candle inside. That way, your "candle" is permanent! See a tutorial here. Or make a Jar Candle, filling the bottom of a glass jar with shells, then pour the wax into the jar. You can find a how to here, not showing shells though.

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