Deck the Walls -Coastal Christmas Wall Decor

Deck the walls for a coastal Christmas with these wall decor ideas.

Coastal Christmas Wall Art Saying
Hang a Coastal Christmas Wall Art Piece with Saying. From Wayfair's Coastal Christmas Collection.

coastal Christmas wreath
Spread the cheer with a  DIY wreath. Buoy Wreath & other Wreaths, simple Green Wreaths and decorated Driftwood Wreaths.

Christmas Shell Wreath
If you ever made a Shell Wreath, simply add something Christmas-ey to it, like snow flakes and a red bow. Via Desire Empire.

Christmas lights wall decor
Drape Christmas Lights around a mirror, a picture, or your Christmas mantel.

driftwood wall tree
Use Driftwood Wall Trees as coastal Christmas wall decor.

Christmas oars
And if you have Oars, decorate them for Christmas and lean against the wall. Rustic oars in wood planter at the Sweetwater Shed on Pinterest. Source unknown for the other pair of oars.

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