DIY Aluminum Embossed Christmas Ornaments for an Under the Sea Tree by Tara Dennis

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Designer Tara Dennis has created a magical Under the Sea Christmas tree decorated with shimmery DIY aluminum embossed Christmas ornaments.

under the sea Christmas tree

In Tara's home, each year, they make things more special with fresh new colour combinations. And she likes to add unique touches to her trees too.

aluminum Christmas ornament
Her aluminum embossed Christmas ornaments sure are unique, and they look like so much fun to make. I'm surprised that I have not seen anything like these before.

handmade aluminum embossed Christmas ornaments
This is what you will need to make these fun embossed Christmas ornaments: Crafts Aluminum Sheets, Stylus Tool, thick box cardboard, and scissors. Tara makes it easy for you and has a template and project sheet on her site to download right here. Make your Christmas tree shimmer this year with embossed aluminum ornaments!

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