Alternative Christmas Tree -Teepee Tabletop Tree Made with Drift Wood Sticks

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We live in a small New York City apartment and a tabletop Christmas tree is all we wanted. So we made an alternative Christmas tree teepee style, using drift wood sticks!

alternative Christmas tree tabletop made with stick
A traditional teepee constructions usually consists of more than three sticks (logs), but that's all I had.

how to make a teepee tree with sticks
The tabletop tree is held together with nails. And to make it solid, my husband attached three driftwood pieces to the bottom of the tree. He pre-drilled tiny holes and simply pushed in nails (as he did for the top), so this tree can be easily taken apart after the holidays.

starfish tree topper
I used a starfish as a tree topper. First I wrapped the starfish with one end of the wire, then wrapped the other end tightly around the drift wood piece. It's not exactly an Artistic Wire Wrap. But it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?

teepee tabletop tree
100 Multi-Colored Mini Lights make this tree sparkle. The lights are non LED, on green wire. I really like the rustic simplicity of my teepee Christmas tree, so I probably leave it as is. But who knows, maybe closer to Christmas I will hang a few Shell Ornaments.

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