Making Beach Sand Candles

Making sand candles is a fun project that brings home the beach in a unique way.

make sand candles
The shape of your beach sand candles is determined by the space your create in the sand. You can scoop out a hole by hand or press something like a jar, glass, vase or bottle into the sand. To pick a great mold is part of the fun. And you might want to add some seasonal spice to your beach sand candles too.

how to make candles with sand
For this DIY beach sand candle tutorial, head over to Craft and Creativity.

Martha Stewart Shell Candles
Some lovely examples of beach sand candles, using different types of molds, including actual shells. From Martha Stewart.

beach sand candle
This sand candle was made right on the beach. Via A Sparkle of Genius. To make sand candles right on the beach works pretty much the same way as the "sand in a bucket" version.

Making Beach Sand Candles on the Beach
Making beach sand candles on the beach. By Child Central Station.

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