22 Tall Coastal Christmas Trees

Get your inspiration from this selection of tall Coastal Christmas Trees!
Best Coastal Christmas Trees

This beautiful coastal Christmas tree is decked out very simply with starfish ornaments and a silvery aqua tinsel garland.

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Blue & Sparkly Coastal Christmas Tree Decorations

Fully decked out coastal Christmas tree with all kinds of coastal ornaments. The color theme is blue and silver. 

Best Coastal Christmas Tree Ideas

The Thick Rope Garland is a great nautical touch on this lovely coastal Christmas tree with Starfish Ornaments and Blue Ball Ornaments.

Coastal Christmas Tree with Basket Collar

This Pottery Barn coastal Christmas tree is slim and tall and and anchored with Beachcomber Collar Basket. It is decorated with generously sized glass ornaments featuring all kinds a sea creatures. 

Coastal Christmas Tree with DIY glittered Ornaments by Martha Stewart

This coastal beach Christmas tree is filled with adorable glittered DIY ornaments. From painted and glittered shells to sailboats.

Awesome Coastal Christmas Tree with Red
The classic Holiday color red is part of this awesome coastal Christmas tree seen at Grace Cottage on Instagram.  This coastal tree is also featured on Ideas for Coastal Tree Toppers

White Finger Starfish Ornaments

A traditional way of adding festive red to your Christmas decor is with festive red Holly berries. Simply tuck branches into the tree. 

Tall Slim Coastal Christmas Tree
An example of a great slim and tall coastal beach theme Christmas tree, decked out with a variety of cool beachy ornaments. Submitted by a reader. 

Neutral Beige Coastal Christmas Tree

Gorgeous coastal Christmas tree in neutral colors. The tree is also surrounded with lots of Christmas gifts which creates a great base.

Coastal Christmas Tree with Starfish Ornaments

Stylish coastal Christmas tree with the perfect backdrop of a distant ocean view. There is an abundance of great coastal ornaments on this tree too.

Christmas Trees with Starfish Ornaments
Another coastal Christmas tree featured by Coastal Living. This Christmas tree has a Southern vibe with palms tucked in.

Beach Theme Christmas Tree with Mini Signs

This awesome coastal beach Christmas tree seen in a Florida Home via Instagram includes a bunch of beach signs.

Beach Theme Christmas Tree Idea

Richly decorated coastal beach theme Christmas tree that features all kinds of sea inspired ornaments. Original source unknown.

Unique Nautical Christmas Tree

The large Life Preserver Rings make this awesome nautical Christmas tree truly unique. Other stand out features are Driftwood Sailboat Ornaments and a Unique Tree Topper.

Nautical Christmas Tree Ideas Inspiration Pictures

Another awesome Christmas tree topper that you don't see very often. This Christmas tree also includes Netted Glass Float Ornaments.

White Flocked Christmas Tree with Blue Ball Ornaments

A white flocked coastal Christmas tree with shimmery blue ball ornaments and white starfish stands tall at The Coastal Charm House on Instagram.

White Flocked Coastal Christmas Tree Ideas

Another awesome white flocked coastal Christmas trees, also with blue shiny ornaments and starfish. This combo is wintery and beachy.

This dreamy white coastal Christmas tree is a Facebook submission by a reader.

White Nautical Christmas Tree

This unique white nautical Christmas tree is packed with chunky nautical ornaments and a Thick Rope makes for the perfect garland.

Adorable white Christmas tree with colorful ornaments, including Starfish Ornaments and whimsical flamingo ornaments.

White Christmas Tree with Flamingo Tree Topper

Tall white Christmas tree with fun pink flamingo Tree Topper seen at Craft-O-Maniac

Pre Lit Palm Trees Christmas Trees
And if you live in a warm climate, you might be Decking the Palms! Original source unknown.

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