Coastal Tree Skirts & Collars

Give your Christmas tree a great coastal style skirt or collar!  

Basket Christmas Tree Collar

While tree skirts are certainly the most popular and commonly used way to cover the base of the Christmas tree, collars have become trendy in the last few years. A collar gives the tree base a clean look which can be very appealing -and anything with a Basket Weave complements the coastal theme beautifully. 

Coastal Christmas Tree with Basket Collar

Wicker Rattan Tree Collars

If you have a Small Christmas Tree you could also use a Woven Basket instead of a collar, although the effect is not quite the same as the tree collar is wider on the bottom.

Coastal Tree Collars
Coastal Christmas Tree & Decor by Lynn Williams featured HERE. 

Dress up your beautiful Christmas tree with a skirt inspired by the sea. This can be a burlap tree skirt with a natural feel or a beachy blue skirt with a coral design, for example. It all depends on your style and color scheme. It could even be a Decorative Fishnet! Bellow are some shopping sources.

Coastal Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree Surround with Packages

Instead of a skirt or collar you could also create a substantial surround for your coastal Christmas tree with Nicely Wrapped Packages. Use fake packages if you don't have enough gifts!

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