How to Make a Mini Christmas Tree with Drift Wood for Wall or Tabletop

How to make a sweet drift wood mini tree that can be self standing or wall mounted.

mini wood Christmas tree
What's unique about this mini Christmas tree is that it mounts to the wall.

how to make a mini Christmas tree with wood branches
I started with the layout.

Tools involved: a drill, hammer and nails.

I drilled holes into the wood sticks so that the nails would go right through them. And I pre-drilled the stem (hole size smaller than nails). I added a dab of glue as well. Not really necessary, but I wanted to give my mini Christmas tree extra strength.

make wood tree
Nailing the branches to the stem.

how to make mini Christmas tree
Et voilà!

wood block for tree base
You need a block of wood for the base and drill a hole in the center. Make the hole just big enough so you can push the stem in. Fill up any gaps with hot glue.

tabletop mini Christmas tree
As a tree topper I used a beautiful scallop shell that I picked up on the beach.

z-clip to hang wall tree
To mount the drift wood tree to the wall, attached a simple aluminum z-clip. One part is attached to the wood block, the other part goes on the wall, then simply clip it on.