How to Use a Long Drift Wood Branch as Home Decor | Driftwood Rods

Here's how you can use a long drift wood branch as home decor.

Long Drift Wood Branch for Home Decor id=A large sculptural piece of driftwood like this one is beautiful and decorative all on its own, and you need do nothing but find the right corner in your home to display it. Via House Beautiful.

Long Piece of DriftwoodA funny shaped long driftwood branch was used to hang a light pendant.

Driftwood Wall ArtThree branches of driftwood composed into Driftwood Wall Decor.

Driftwood RackA thick straight driftwood branch can be transformed into a functional Driftwood Rack by simply attaching hooks.

hanging driftwood rackA hanging idea for a long driftwood log, also used as a coat rack. Seen here.


Hanging Planters on Driftwood Branch Log
Hang planters on a driftwood branch as seen at Wayfair.

Driftwood Rods

Using driftwood curtain rods for Window Treatments, clothes hanger and a stairway handrail as seen at the Maine Salty Girl on Etsy

Next time you see a long driftwood branch, haul it home. I think it's worth it! Or Shop Driftwood Branches on Etsy.