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Use your collected shells to make beautiful cone seashell Christmas trees. A wonderful way to add the beach to your Holiday decor.

seashell Christmas trees
Paper Mache Cones are perfect for making beautiful seashell Christmas trees. You simply hot glue your shells to the cones. And to add extra bling, spray on a coat of metallic paint, as seen At The Picket Fence.

Handmade Shell Cone Christmas Tree

DIY Oyster Shell Christmas Tree Cone Gold Painted Tabletop
Gold painted Oyster Shell Tree by Pizzazzerie, made with leftover shells from a restaurant that serves oysters. Great for a Coastal Christmas Table Centerpiece. A styrofoam tree and an inexpensive glass candle holder is used for this project.

Seashell Tree
Creative shell cone tree with netting by The Artisan Life.

Cone Shell Trees
 Beautiful shell cone trees made from hand collected Florida shells. Submitted to my Facebook Page.

seashell trees
Seashells were hot glued to floral foam cones, forming interesting patterns. Via HGTV.

oyster shell trees
Stunning example of Oyster Shell trees from Ballard. The insides of oyster shells are naturally shiny. You can collect them on the beach or recycle them from restaurants.

shell Christmas tree
Adorable mussel shell Christmas tree with pearls added by Dale Munsill who used shells collected along the shores of New England.

topiary shell tree
A topiary oyster shell Christmas tree, placed in an urn. A great solution if you only have a few shells. Just space them out. Original source unknown.

shell trees
Cover your cone tree with Beach Sand first, then adhere shells. Via.

cone shell tree
Even a few shells will make for an elegant, lovely cone Christmas tree. By Kay Ellen Design.

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