23 Ideas for Painting Shells

Paint shells to create tiny works of art and to infuse color into your decor.  

Use Shells as a Canvas to Create Tiny Works of Art: 
Painting on shells offers a unique canvas that's not only beautiful but also holds that special connection to the beach. Undoubtedly, shells look gorgeous as they are, but there is also something magical about transforming shells into tiny works of art. Plus, shells come in various shapes, sizes, and textures, providing endless possibilities for creative and artistic expression. Shells provide a distinct surface for painting and people use a variety of techniques to paint shells.  Mostly, the outside of the shells are painted, but  the inside or under side also makes for a great canvas.

Paint Shells to Personalize your Decor: 
By painting shells you can add color to your home decor and create unique and personalized accents that reflect your style and taste. Painting shells is a simple way to infuse color and personality into your home decor. Painting shells in the same color, for example, is also a great way to unify different types of shells which can be visually quite stunning. 

Hand painted shells
For these types of shell paintings, where you create intrinsic patterns, sharpies and regular Micro Pens (Amazon) are used. The Sakura Microperm (Amazon) seems to be a popular choice.

Gold Painted Shells

Spray painting shells can be a quick and effective way to add color to your interior decorating. Metallic Spray Paints (Amazon) such as gold, silver and copper can give your shells a festive look. 

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Brush paint your shells in any color you want! In this example only the edges of the shells were painted. For these kind of painting projects, you can use Craft Paints (Amazon). There are a variety of brands to choose from. You can use a basic Craft Brush (Amazon) to paint your shells.

Blue Shell Ball

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painted art shells
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Painting shells is also an easy summer activity for kids. The kids will be entertained and there is nothing they can really do wrong here. Just fun! Below is another shell craft idea for kids.

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