13 Shell Ball Ideas | Decorative DIY Shell Balls

Learn how to make awesome shell balls and how to use them for decor.

Decorative Shell Balls How to Make and Use them in the Home
Shell balls make stylish home accents and can be used for decor in a variety of ways. You might have noticed how popular decorative balls are in general, often used in interior decor to add color, texture or a theme to a space.  

How to Make Shell Balls:

Most people use Styrofoam Balls (Amazon) to make shell balls. Styrofoam balls come in a variety of sizes and they are light weight. 4 - 6 inch balls is a good average size, for example. People seem to use Hot Glue and E6000 to adhere the shells to the styrofoam. Smaller, flatter shells are best for making shell balls. Also note that shells are layered to cover the styrofoam completely. For a non-layered look where there is space between the shells, you can cover those areas with fine sand for example.

Shell Ball

Shell balls can be placed in bowls and on trays as part of a decorative display on a table or on a shelf.

DIY Shell Ball Ideas

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A beautiful shell ball can be the one single item that you place on a box or on a book.

Where would you hang a large shell ball? I can see a shell ball hanging on a curtain rod, on a wardrobe hook, or off a mantel. 

DIY Shell Ball Craft Ideas with Styrofoam Balls

This is an example of decorative shell balls where there is quite a bit of spacing between shells. They dusted these areas with a mixture of sand and glitter. They also added drops of fragrance oil under shells!

Decor Ideas for Decorative Balls How to Use Shell Balls

Placing your shell ball on a candle holder or Any Kind of Stand is an easy way to literally elevate your beautiful shell ball, or shell balls. A group of shell balls on stands would look quite stunning, especially if the look was monochromatic with all stands in the same color or same material.

Shell Ball Ideas

Shell Topiary Idea

Use decorative shell balls to create beautiful topiaries. They don't need water or trimming! 

Here's how you can decorate with shell balls and use them in your home. 

Decorating Ideas with Shell Balls:

  • Place shell balls in a bowl or on a tray.
  • Use shell balls as shelf decorations.
  • Use shell balls as vase fillers.
  • Have a large shell ball sitting on a book or on a box.
  • Place shell balls on candle holders.
  • Hang shell balls on a hook.
  • Make a shell ball topiary.
  • Make shell ball Christmas ornaments.