Sanibel Island Shell Decor & Crafts

Here is what people do with their shell bounty found on Sanibel island! 

Sanibel Island Shell Decor

Sanibel island in SW Florida is considered to be one of the world's best shelling beaches. Here are some shell creations and shell decorations with Sanibel Island shells to be inspired by as well as to shop from Etsy sellers who collect shells on Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Shell Shadow Boxes

Sanibel Island Shell Mirror

shell globe
Decorative Shell Globe made from all kinds of Sanibel shells, including broken ones. Shells were hot glued to a styrofoam ball. Via I Love Shelling.

Sanibel Shell Ornaments

Made with Shells, Seaglass, Sand & much more!

shell candle
Whelk shell made into a candle, completed with a shell stand. Via Shell Lady

shell mobile
I'm loving this Sanibel Shell Mobile. Can you see the broken piece of JUNONIA, Sanibel's most coveted shell? Via I Love Shelling.

shells in vase
Creative Seashell Arrangement with seahorse added.

shell display box
Sanibel Shell Display Box by Nature Study who knows her bounty by name: "This box has some less plentiful shells, such as a lightening welk, Florida worm snail, Shark's Eye or Moon Snail, Murex, Alphabet Cones, Florida Cones, Paper Fig, Sharp Ribbed Drills, Round Rib Scallop (upper valve), Cayenne Keyhole Limpet, and those tiny Wenteltraps."

shell memory box
Also from Nature Study, a Sanibel Island Memory Box. For more great memory keeping ideas browse here.

Sanibel Island shells framed. Via. Browse the category DIY Wall Art for many more ideas.

sanibel shell wreath
Sanibel Seashell Wreath made with grapevine wreath like these. Via.

seashell mailbox
Mailbox covered with Sanibel shells, photographed by I Love Shelling, featured here.

 Sanibel Island is a lush shell oasis where waves and currents funnel hundreds of species of shells right onto the beaches.