15 Painted Beach Rocks Ideas & Decor Inspiration

Take delight in the simple things and decorate with painted beach rocks.

Painted Beach Rocks Quotes Sayings
Painted Beach Rocks by Salty Girl from Maine that featured sayings. Shop them or take these painted beach rocks as inspiration for your own fun creations.

Beach rocks provide a great natural mini canvas and can bring a little Beach Zen to your space.You can paint your rocks free-hand, use Beach Stencils, or stamp your beach rocks -see an example HERE. Add painted beach rocks to your tablescape, place them on a shelf, group them in a bowl, top off your planters with painted beach rocks, use beach rocks as paperweight, and whatever else you can think of.

painted rocks
Painted beach rocks by Designer Tara Dennis

beach art rocks
Painted beach rocks via Maison.

colorful painted beach rocks
Some paint details that show the dot designs for these painted beach rocks.

painted rock with quote
Painted by Darcy of The Seashore Store.

Beach rock art featured at Sweet Paul Magazine.

painted souvenir beach rocks
Painted souvenir beach rocks by Grow Creative.

Via Just Imagine where you can find a few tips for painting rocks.

beach rock napkin weight
For outdoor entertaining, paint a rock beachy and use it as a napkin weight. Via Nest by Tamara.

Scenic Palm Ocean Beach Rock Painting
Scenic tropical beach rock painting by Forest Owl.

painted beach rock
A beach rock painted with a simple abstract beach scene and a quote. From Art by Julia.

Art Rocks
Art Rock Art that speaks to you.

Painted Christmas Beach Rock
And for a Merry Coastal Christmas season, paint a little Sandman, seen on Instagram.

How to Paint Ocean on Rock
And here is how you can Learn to Paint the Ocean on your Rock

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