Beach Party Crafts -From Wine Charms to Flip Flops

Be it a beach party for two or a group of friends, add a personal touch with these beach party crafts.

Home Beach Party
Simple and thoughtful beach party crafts.

Make a Wine Charm
Lovely wine charms made from hoop earrings. To learn more, click here.

Shell Napkin Rings
Simple shell napkin rings. A rope ring was created with hot glue then a shell glued on each ring. Utensils are neatly tucked inside the napkins.

Beach Party Crafts
And to make your home Beach Party really memorable, dish up some presents. Cute flip flops, for example. You can buy them cheap and embellish them with something bright and sunny, like daisies for example. Tags were created using a stamp and crinkly scissors.

Stamped Beach Rocks
Something else you could add to your beach party. Stamped Beach Rocks as table top decor along with wine corks, driftwood, and starfish. Similar to these Beach Rock Decor Ideas.

Beach Party Crafts
Simple beach party crafts by Simple Daisy.