DIY Glass Bottles Topped with Sea Shells

Create the sophisticate look of glass bottles topped with sea shells.

Vintage Bottles Topped with Sea Shells
Any bottles can be topped with seashells and starfish. Vintage bottles like the ones seen at Greyfreth give this look an extra edge, a depth it you will. But many other bottles, like frosted bottles that remind of seaglass, for example, are a great choice and give this idea a distinct vibe.

Glass Bottles Topped with Shells
Find a tutorial how to top bottles with sea shells at Sharlotte's Southern Reflections. She pulls off the "professional soldered" look with a super adhesive.

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Frosted Seaglass Bottles Topped with Shells Tabletop Decor Idea
Frosted glass bottles topped with sea shells seen at Coastal Bride, used as beachy tabletop decor. You can Spray Paint Glass Bottles with Seaglass Paint for this project.

Decorative Bottles with Shell Toppings from Wayfair show that any kind of glass bottle can be used for shell decor. Some outstanding decorative bottles, for example. Also, you can see that some of these shell topped bottles are filled with a little bit of sand and tiny shells for extra beachiness.

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