Coastal Beach Pottery Barn Knock Offs

Check out these coastal beach decor knock off's from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Lanterns beach style
Pottery Barn Lanterns are a big hit. They come in all kinds of  styles and have room to add shells and other beach finds to create lovely displays.

Pottery Barn knock off lantern
This Lantern copies the simple look of Pottery Barn's styling.

PB style lantern
Lanterns that look similar to Pottery Barn's found at Walmart.

Pottery Barn Mason Jars
Pottery Barn Hanging Mason Jars have inspired quite a few knock off ideas, trying to re-create the twisted metal hanger.

Pottery Barn Beach Knock off
Pottery Barn inspired DIY Hanging Mason Jars.

Pottery Barn Beach
Another Pottery Barn Knock Off.

Beach Lanterns Pottery Barn
A picture from a Pottery Barn catalog featuring an inspiring floral arrangement on the side table.