Decorating with Coastal Beach Rocks

Beach rocks are beautiful, and they are the easiest thing to find. So here are a few ideas how to use beach rocks for decor.

Beach Rocks in Shadow Box Decor Idea
A Beach Rock Shadow Box decor idea. Use a self standing shadow box to showcase beautiful beach rocks.

Note: Links to most sources are no longer available.

Decorating with beach rocks
Martha Stewart places rocks she finds from beach walks near her Maine Home in jars and displays them above the kitchen sink.

decorating with beach rocks
Decorating with rocks can be as straight forward as lining them up on a window sill.

Beach Rock Picture Holders
Easy to Make Beach Rock Picture Holders.

Beach Pebbles in Bowl
Rocks softened and rounded by the sea. The colors of beach rocks vary by location. The lighter hues of white, gray and blue look very elegant.

zen beach rocks
As soon as you stack rocks, they become zen-like calming. In this Home.

Stacked Zen Beach Rocks
Stacked Zen Beach Rocks.

Beach Pebble Alphabet
Decorating with rocks can take the shape of the Alphabet. Spread the rocks out on a side table or glue them on a canvas.

Pebble Tealights
Give tealight candle holders a unique twist by adding beach rocks. Small shallow tealight holders are placed at the bottom of sturdy glass tumblers, then small beach rocks are arranged around them.

beach rocks table centerpiece
Decorating with rocks for the table to make an inviting natural centerpiece.

rocks and table decorations
You can also use beach rocks as canvases for drawings, paintings, and words.

Painted Rocks Art Beach Rocks
Here are some ideas how to Paint Beach Rocks.

Maybe next time you're on the beach, you'll bring a few rocks home. Via.

beach pebble creations world beach project
Or play with rocks on the beach, create something lovely, take a picture and hang it on the wall!