Shadow Boxes for Beach Rocks and Shells

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Check out this simple idea. Shadow boxes chuck full with beach rocks and shells!

rocks in shadow box
I love how Tracy of Trinkets and Treasures filled up her Beach Rocks and Shadow Boxes with Rocks and Shells. For the rocks, she painted and distressed an existing shadow box frame to make it look antique.

The story: "I have a wonderful friend that has a home in Long Island, New York. I mentioned that I liked the rocks from the movie Something’s Gotta Give where Diane Keaton collects the white rocks off the beach, but never the black ones. I loved the look of the rocks so she sent me some."

shadow box filled with shells
Then to display her collection of shells found in Florida, Tracy picked a shadow box from Hobby Lobby. And there's a shark’s tooth in there too! For more images and details click on links to go to Tracy’s blog. These shadow boxes are on the heavy side, I don't think I would want to hang them on the wall. They look awesome free standing and on frame holders!

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