Wine Glasses as Candle Holders, Terrariums & Table Centerpieces

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Use your wine glasses to create an elegant beachy centerpiece. Wine glasses make elegant candle holders and mini terrariums.

wine glasses as centerpieces
Decorative wine glasses with sand and tea lights as a table centerpiece. Seen here.

wine glasses with sand and candles
To use Wine Glasses as Candleholders, anchor votive candles in a bed of sand or small beach pebbles. You can also turn the glasses upside down which creates a cloche like space for a beachy display. You find an example featured on Decorating with Candles.

tea light candle holder in glasses
Use Tea Light Holder Inserts to turn wine glasses into beachy candle holders.

wine glasses with sand and starfish
With the bottom of the wine glasses filled with sand, you can also prop starfish or other collected sea treasures. Seen at BHG.

wine glass with terrarium
If you wanted to be more elaborate, you could create mini beachscapes and add tiny air plants, see Display Ideas for Tillandsia Air Plants. Original source no longer available.

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