Tea Light Candle Holder Inserts for Wine Glasses & more

Neat tea light candle holder inserts for wine glasses, vases, and jars.

tea light candle holder in glasses
Use wine glasses, glass vases and jars as tea light candle holders with these cool and practical tea light holder inserts.

Image: Craft Ideas Info

You can find simple Tea Light Candle Holder Inserts and Glass Vases with Inserts at Wayfair.

The tea light candle holder inserts alone are hard to find online, so below is a DIY Tutorial for a Tea Light Candle Holder Insert that you might be able to make:

tea light candle holder inserts
Here are two examples of how such tea light candle holder inserts can be constructed with metal cups and metal hangers. I asked my husband who knows a thing or two about soldering. Soldering is the process of joining together metal items by melting and flowing a filler metal (solder) into the joint.

These are his instructions:
To solder, there are special tools required. A propane torch and solder, a soft metal filler that comes in form of a wire, and soft flux, a cleaning agent that comes in paste form. To start, apply soft flux to the parts, position your work, light torch and heat till flux melts, continue putting heat on the material, applying your solder wire to where you want to connect it and let it melt and flow into the connection. The solder should melt when placed against the work; not in the flame.