Free Decorative Bookends from the Beach

If your books need something to lean on, go look for free decorative bookends on the beach.

decorative bookend driftwood
This handsome block of driftwood, spotted here, does double duty as a little gallery space.

beach rocks as bookends
Beach Rocks make great decorative bookends. Via Real Simple.

vase with shells as decorative bookend
Large vase filled with shells. Also via Real Simple.

jar bookend
Beach Jar filled with seaglass works beautifully. Seen at Apartment Therapy.

large shell used as bookend
And in case you should stumble upon a giant shell, Martha Stewart shows you how you can turn it into a decorative bookend -simply fill it with plaster. Also featured on Beach Crafts.

silver shell bookend
Make your beach shell bookend glamorous with Silver Paint. Seen here.

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