DIY Grapevine Wreaths with Seashells

8 easy to make DIY coastal seashell grapevine wreaths. 

diy seashell wreath
Grapevine Wreaths already look great as is -rustic and naturey. All a grapevine wreath really needs are a few decorations -seashells or other sea treasures. This wreath from The Charm of Home is a perfect example of that.

diy grapevine wreaths
To make a grapevine wreath large and full, attach two wreaths together, as seen here.

grapevine wreath with driftwood
Driftwood is added to his grapevine wreath, seen at Wunderweib.

beach cottage
A simple Grapevine Wreath at A Beach Cottage.

decorative grapevine wreath
Anything goes. This grapevine wreath comes with a lovely ceramic seahorse. Via Center Hill Clay Works.

grapevine wreath with shells
Lovely Seashell Grapevine Wreath.

miniature grapevine wreath
Miniature Grapevine Seashell Wreath with ribbon and hand collected seashells.

grapevine wreath with shells
This grapevine wreath is decorated with all kinds of beach finds. Via Del's Shells.

Wreaths can be hung on a wall, door, or even laid flat on a table as a centerpiece. And if you are thinking of making seasonal changes, instead of hot glue, consider using twine and wire to attach your decorations.