Beach Rock Wire Picture Holders

Wire picture holders that rock.

wire picture holdersA few beach rocks, some wire, and there you have wire picture holders that rock. Discovered on Danny.

how to make wire picture holders with rocks
To make rock picture holders with wire, all you need are a few good sized rocks from the beach, floral wire and, of course, photos or postcards to put on display.

make wire picture holders
Place two floral wire pieces in a cross, place rock on top, then twist the wire around the rock and onto itself.

Rock picture holders
Twist a little spiral at the top of the wire, and you've got your wire picture holders! Here, you see the silver wire as is, while in the first shot the wires were covered with felt to give the picture holders a more polished look and some color. You can use all sorts of rocks; big ones, little ones, even stacked ones. I'll be hauling home more beach rocks for sure.