American Flag Decor Meets Nautical Style

The colors of the American Flag, red, white & blue are also associated with Nautical Style.

American Flag Decor
To use the American Flag as Decor is nothing new, so here are some examples how to do it nautical style. Via Coastal Living

American Wooden Flag Wall Decor Living Room above Sofa

American flag in bedroom
This is a striking example of American flag decor meets nautical style.

American Flag Decor
What gives this entryway, featured at Veranda, nautical appeal are the giant Glass Floats, plus Starfish in Wire Baskets.

American Flag pillow
A touch of American flag decor with an accent pillow which is a fun surprise factor, via Carter & Company.

red, white and blue entry decor
A welcoming entry in red, white and blue that includes a rustic Driftwood Boat, seen at Country Sampler Magazine.

flag and nautical decor outdoor
At Karna's House in Norway you'll find a number of nautical elements and the flag in form of pillows. A nautical shed.

outdoor nautical decor
A lovely outdoor sitting area in a corner on the patio. Bring a Model Yacht outside during summer time.

And another outside sitting area with nautical appeal.