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Decorating with Wire Baskets & Clamming Baskets

Did you know that wire baskets showcase sea treasures beautifully?

Decorating with Clamming Wire Baskets

Here's what decorating with wire baskets looks like when done coastal style, displaying seashells, driftwood and glass floats.

vintage wire basket with driftwood
How fabulous does this vintage wire basket look with driftwood sticks in it! This really makes me want to grow my driftwood collection, and go on a treasure hunt for a cool old rustic wire basket. I found this basket at Anything Goes Here. I hear that you can find them for very little cash! Or if you prefer to treasure hunt from the comfort of your home, look for Wire Baskets on Ebay!

Claming Wire Baskets for Decor
For clamming (style) wire baskets, head over to Caron's Beach House (sold in sets) and Ocean Offerings (as single baskets)!

wire basket with glass floats
Mindy's Basket is a reproduction of a French market basket and she uses it to display gorgeous Fishing Glass Floats.

displaying big seashells in wire basket
This lovely, seen in one of Jane Coslick's Cottages, holds a collection of big chunky seashells. Obviously your sea treasures have to be a certain size, so they don't slip out of the openings.

wire basket with shells
The rustic look of old wire baskets is so perfect for sea treasures that have been tumbled by the sea for years, and they bring a bit of shabby chic to the decor. Original source no longer available.

wire basket
A Wire Basket filled with gifts from the sea washed up along the shores of Sanibel Island, Caye Caulker (Belize), and Anna Maria Island. Wire baskets come in all kinds of styles and different sizes. And this one is large enough to sit on the floor. Love it!

vignette in wire basket
And a fun Vignette in a Wire Basket, mixing different items together, including a candle. Wire baskets also look stunning when dressed up with Christmas Lights!
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Tricia Rose said...

And there have been a fair few on the interwebs converted into light fittings - can't get enough!

Juju at Tales of said...

Too cool. I love how they look in wire baskets.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

thank you so much for including my vintage wire basket with driftwood in your lovely post. oh, how i wish i had more of that wonderful basket. it was mine for a long time, and i know it went to a happy home.


MagicMarkingsArt said...

I love those wire baskets! I made a wire formed sand bucket for a 3d art class years ago - and amazingly, I still have it. It's a little bit rusty from sitting on my front porch, but other than that it's in pretty good shape.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

i featured this post on my blog today with a link back to you. hope that is okay. let me know if it's not and i will take it down. let me know.


Heidiopia said...

We've got some awesome wire baskets in our Willow House line this fall and I was totally thinking about the Japanese fishing floats for them! Great minds think alike. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love these wire baskets. I had some once..but the rust was flaking all over everything and I got rid of them! Now I would probably do something with them! I've learned so much from blogging...and especially from your blog! ♥

Sherri said...

All these baskets are really beauties!!! Thanks for sharing!

Tina said...

Wow, I'm gonna pick up every wire basket I can find. Thanks for showing these ideas

Heaven's Walk said...

Thank you so much for featuring my wire basket today! :) What a fun surprise to see it here when I came for a visit! You're a gem!!!! ♥

xoxo laurie

Jessica said...

Those are just lovely! Now I know what to look out for when I go to the local flea markets!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

How can anything so simple as a wire basket be so classy and interesting?

Your posts always make me smile. Thank you.

Della said...

I am now on the lookout for wire baskets! Thanks Maya, these are awesome!

Desperate Housewife said...

I got a great old wire potato basket this summer... but I've got magazines in it, nothing beachy.

michelle said...

These are gorgeous baskets filled with some of my favorite things!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Wire baskets are so great, aren't they?! Thanks for the feature. It's a basket my neighbor put together. She's going to be so happy that others appreciate it also. :)

Dayle said...

Love the combinations. I use wire baskets for many things. My favorite one is a small one that I put old family photos in.

Lili said...

My trips to Goodwill sometimes coincide with the ideas you show us...just passed up a beautiful chippy paint wire basket today and now I see these gorgeous ideas! What are the chances it will still be there tomorrow... ahhh well. ~Lili

Mindy @ Heart Maine Home said...

Thanks so much for featuring my wire basket and fishing floats! I love looking at all these baskets...I don't think I'll ever get sick of baskets filled with beachy items!

Everything Coastal said...

Lovely post!

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

LoVe all of it !

So glad to pop in and view all the coastal fun and inspiration !

Thank you !!!

Lisbeth LaBelllarte said...

I just love your blog! Did a bunch of driftwood filled wire baskets after a long beach walk this weekend-they look so nice & since I already had the baskets, they were FREE! However, today one of black labs discovered the basket on the fire place hearth-guess he thinks my collection is for him because he decided to chaw on a piece! Thanks for a great diversion from my home-office work days!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Thanks Lisbeth!! Maybe black lab thought that it was a bone collection, haha!

Jennifer@DreamingofJune said...

Beautiful collection. There are so many amazing designs out there! I spray painted some vintage wire baskets:

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