How to Drill Holes in Beach Stones

I drilled holes in beach stones. So let me show you how I did it and how you can use stones with holes for decorating.
stones with holes drilled
To drill holes in stones is not easy, but it's very doable.

old hammer drill
The tool: a hammer drill. This one is over fifteen years old. Hammer drills are well suited for drilling holes in masonry or stone and withstand severe heating.

hammer drill bit
This is what the Masonry Drill Bit looks like.

The stone is secured with a vise. My husband offered to drill the holes in the stones, and I was happy just watching.

drilling a hole in a stone
Lean against the drill and off you go. How fast it will drill depends on the hardness of the stone. This one was rather soft and it took less than two minutes. The drill combines a rotating and hammer action that chisels its way through the stone, creating a clean round hole.

rock pull for blind
Smaller beach stones make great pulls for blinds or lamps.

rock vase
Or check out this adorable Rock Vase at A Little Tipsy.

table lamp with stacked rocks design
And if you're really ambitious, you could make a stylish Stacked Stone Lamp.