Christie Brinkleys Home in the Hamptons & Shell Art and Crafts Studio

A tour of Christie Brinkley's home in the Hamptons and a peek into her shell art & crafts studio.

christie brinkley's home in the hamptons
Christie Brinkley's Home in the Hampton's (NY) surrounded by piles of snow.

christie brinkley on oprah show
Christie Brinkley and other top models appeared on the Oprah in 2011, discussing aging. Her secret to looking so young, vegetarian food and a good dermatologist -and a good plastic surgeon perhaps? Well, who wants to ponder on that when we can tour her century-old home that sports nautical touches throughout, a shell craft studio and her shell art.

christie brinkley's home living room
Christie shares her sprawling 21-acre estate with her daughter and son. To hang the life preserver ring in front of the window is a cool idea.

christie brinkley's shell art on fireplace
The sitting area is complete with a fireplace that is adorned with Christie's shell art. I'd love to see the two seahorses facing each other.

fireplace with shell art
This picture of the fireplace as well as the kitchen below are via Newsweek from a couple of years ago when the home was on the market. Christie still lives here, so she must have changed her mind, or it just didn't work out.

sailor valentines on wall
Sailor Valentines on the wall and more nautical accessories.

christie brinkley shell art studio
Christie Brinkley's art studio. Here she draws, creates shell Crafts & Art, and works on other projects too.

christie brinkley in her art studio
The girl is creative for sure. Christie does her own interior decorating and incorporates her shell art work into the design.

christie brinkley's shell art
And here is one of Christie's shell art pieces. Living only steps away from the beach, she's probably collected many of the shells herself.