Making a Heart Shaped Hanging Wire Basket for Beach Treasures

Adorable heart shaped hanging Wire Basket.

making a hanging wire basket
There's so much symbolism in the Heart shape, be it a Shell Heart, Driftwood Heart, Plaster Seaglass Heart, or a Rope Heart on the Beach. You can fill your heart shaped hanging basket with beach pebbles, shells, and driftwood pieces. Whatever you find on the beach.

wire craft basket
Here's the how to as posted at Fresh Home Ideas. Outline a heart shape in heavy-gauge wire. Using a pair of pliers, tie the points together with garden wire.

chicken wire basket
Place the heart shape over a double layer of chicken wire, and cut out a slightly larger heart with wire cutters. Tie the chicken wire to the wire frame with garden wire, leaving an opening through which to fill it, and you are ready to go.