A Lighthouse Home Built from Scratch

Step inside this unique lighthouse home.

Some people make a lighthouse their home by restoring an old structure, others built their lighthouse home from scratch.

lighthouse home built in New Zealand
This New Zealand lighthouse home is built from scratch. It features three levels plus a crows, and decor has a nautical marine theme. They stacked rocks around the lighthouse to make the setting look authentic.

lighthouse home decor
The ground floor has a bed in it which is covered with a handmade Nautical Quilt.

lighthouse interior
This is the second level looking towards the lighthouse kitchen, from the hallway that connects to a boatshed. There are distressed looking blue floors throughout, made of board-patterned vinyl.

lighthouse kitchen decor
Like every other room in this lighthouse home, the kitchen is six-sided. A Glass Float Lamp hangs from the ceiling.

boat wall clock
Zooming in. Above the kitchen table hangs a whimsical boat wall clock.

hand knotted banister
Now looking towards the narrow stairs. The knotted banister was custom made by a net maker.

flying seagull sculpture
A seagull figurine.

lighthouse bedroom
The master bedroom on the third level.

And outside there's a lighthouse doorstop. To learn more about this unique lighthouse home, go to NZ House & Garden Magazine.