Glass Jars for Organizing & Displaying Shells, Seaglass, Pebbles and more

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Think twice before you throw your glass jars into the recycling bin. You can use glass jars for displaying and organizing shells, seaglass, beach pebbles and other sea treasures from the shore. Arranged in groupings glass jars make for an eye-catching display!

glass jar with shells
You might also add tags to your glass jars. They add a fun decorative touch. Plus if you label the jars with locations or type of shells they can help Organize a Collection.

decorated glass jars
Shells look so pretty in simple glass jars. Seen at Beachcomber.

glass jars collection
Simply stacking glass jars casually can be a great way of grouping a collection. Via Anything Goes Here.

tabletop decorating with glass jars
A lovely tabletop vignette featured at The Art of Collecting.

glass jars on shelf
Glass jars are the focal point in this cute shelving niche. Books provide some contrast. Via BHG. If you like the idea of a designated space like this, make sure to check out these Collections -gorgeous examples of sea collection displays in glass cabinets!

seashell collection in glass jars
Previously featured, one woman's Seashell Collection. An entire corner of a room is devoted to storing and showcasing shells in glass jars, neatly organized and labeled.

seaglass jar
And another glass jar calling attention to a beautiful shell collection. Also via BHG. I'm sure you can gather glass jars from around the house, or otherwise find them at yard sales or flea markets!

decorative glass jars with shells
And lastly, an example featured in Adore. Here decorative glass jars were used for organizing and displaying shells and sea treasures. A truly seaworthy collection, deserving a prominent spot in the living room.

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Happy weekend, everyone!

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Della said...

Seashells do look great in jars, and I especially love the ones all clustered together. It looks so beachy!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I need more jars...I can tell that right now! Great ideas and a good way to keep them organized!

Jenny said...

I love glass jars för organizing things. Right know I use them for organizing my leftover yarn from knitting, crocheting, needlework etc. It is great when you can turn the glass jar and see what colours you have easily to use for new craft ideas.

Fembria-art said...

Sehr schöne Dinge die du uns zeigst.
Danke Dir für diese tollen Ideen.
Bis dahin. Andy

Sheer Serendipity said...

Great tip to keep the shells organzied and have them be a part of the decor. When you need them for a project, it is easily accessible. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Ideezine said...


Great project for children at the end of summer camp who want to time capsule their treasures of beach days.

Great post!


vicki said...

Shells in jars are my absolute favorite- love love love!

How2home said...

this is SO adorable! great post!

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