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9 Great Natural Driftwood Christmas Holiday Decorations

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Driftwood is the best wood there is for coastal enthusiasts. Here are a few great natural Driftwood Christmas Holiday Decorations.

Driftwood Star Tree Topper
Make a driftwood star your Christmas tree topper as seen on this Coastal Tree.

driftwood topiary Christmas trees
Driftwood Christmas Trees arranged in a vignette that feels like a winter wonderland with its lights and silver ball ornaments.

driftwood wreath
Driftwood Wreath ready to be decked out any way you want. For ideas, click HERE.

driftwood tree Christmas ornaments
Cute Driftwood Tree Ornaments.

driftwood ornaments
Driftwood Christmas Ornaments from Etsy. These driftwood ornaments are easy to make too.

driftwood ornaments
Driftwood Sign Ornament, also seen on Etsy.

driftwood letters
Driftwood Joy sign from Living Simplistically.

driftwood trees Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn Kids again. Driftwood Trees on pedestals topped with a star. Or Make A Christmas Tree with Driftwood!

driftwood sant
And whimsical Driftwood Santas. White Space

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