DIY Beach Signs Made from Recycled Wood

Ready for the beach? These inspirational DIY beach signs will help you find the way.

DIY Recycled Wood Beach Sign Word Sign Painted Blue
Beach signs are a reminder of the place we all love so much. And all you need to make a beach sign is a piece of wood and paint. This Beach Sign is made from a worn-out sign that had washed up on the shore which gives it that extra beachy feel.

beach sign outside
How cute does this beach sign look, attached on an outside wall. It's the perfect location. Looks like the beach is only a few steps away. Seen on Houzz. A painted beach sign can add a great pop of color anywhere. On a porch, by an entry, and anywhere inside.

Wooden Beach Arrow Sign

wood beach sign
Got an old crate? Tear a piece from it to make a Beach Sign. The wood was white washes with paint, and beach was written on it freestyle with pencil, followed by painting over the pencil with white acrylic paint. The rustic recycled wood sign sits on a ledge in the bathroom.

recycled wood signs painted
This Wall Hanging, consisting of several beach wood signs was inspired by a pile of old wood laying outside from a project. It displays the names of beaches and towns.

Make a Wood Beach Sign
Beach arrow signs give you the feel that the beach is just around the corner. Who wouldn't want that? After a quick coat of color was applied, the beach letters were painted on with the help of letter printouts from the computer. You can see how a transfer is done on How to Make a Wood Sign.

Beach Wall Sign Mug and Glass Wall Organizer Kitchen
A functional beach sign for the kitchen, seen on Facebook. To turn a board into a wall rack for mugs and wine glasses, add hooks and a wood ledge with slots.

small wood beach sign
This mini beach sign is made with wood paint sticks. Head over to Craft Goodies for all the details.

old wood board sign
For this Beach Sign words were cut out with a cricut machine, using scrapbook paper, then they were decoupaged to a painted board.

beach signs made with fencing
Can you guess what these Beach Signs are made from? Fencing found on bulk trash in the neighborhood.

wood beach sign
You can sneak in a beach sign anywhere in your home. Original source unknown.