Decorative Ideas with Crushed Shells

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Don't think that crushed shells are only for landscaping and driveways. Here are 4 decorative ideas for inside the home that I love!

crushed shells in vase
Starting with Crushed Shells in a Vase. Pretty!

crushed shells on glass
Nancy adhered Crushed Shells around the Rim of a Lighting Fixture. This idea would also work beautifully with Glass Vases and Jars.

crushed shell lampshade
Janet glued Crushed Shells on a Lampshade, creating starfish. To see this larger, click on the link (which goes to her Facebook Page). Neat!

crushed shell letters
And Sandy of Cheerful Simplicity created Crushed Shell Letters on canvas. Visit her to see the word she spelled out!

And what's the best way to crush shells? I'd put them in a bag and step on them! Suggestions welcome! White Space White Space

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