How to Make Garden Stepping Stones with Shells, Seaglass & Pebbles

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Use your beach finds to make beautiful garden stepping stones! They are so easy to create. And no fancy mold is required, just use a non-stick cake pan.

I'm loving these beachy garden stepping stones! They offer many design and garden decor possibilities. Sea glass pieces were used to make these stepping stones for example. Seen on Facebook. You could create a walk or simply place a few stepping stones anywhere in the garden to add beachiness.

Sea Glass Stepping Stone
Another beautiful example, using mostly seaglass, comes from Lovely Greens. For this stepping stone extra wire is used to give it more stability. Click over for the tutorial!

Mix up a batch of mortar (which is cement mixed with an aggregate), pour it into a mold (here a foil pan was used), then decorate with shells, sea glass or beach pebbles, and let dry. Easy!

A shell flower design idea via Flickr.

A gorgeous spiral design with beach pebbles for this Stepping Stone.

Or compose a beach scene with pieces of glass or ceramic from a broken plate. Via Stepping Stone Pictures at To make garden stepping stones is a great project to do as a family. If you have small kids, have them add impressions of their hands or feet!

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These would be beautiful in my courtyard! I love the last one...or any of them with shells! Gorgeous!

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

Love the flowers and the spirals ... and the rest too.

Fabulous ~

JennyLynn said...

This is a great way to use all the sea shells I have collected over the years.

Nancy O said...

These are great. I am a mosaic artist and am always looking for fast easy things to do with kids. I love the seaglass and sea shells. Thanks for always having the coolest projects!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

These are stunning. I need to build up my collection of beach "findings" and tackle some. You make it easy. Thanks.

Rowantree Design said...

Hi I'm Roberta, I have been renovating a fibro beach shack and onlt hsve the landscaping to complete. Sooo happy to have found your blog and this post is brill! I am in NYC this week butbwhen I arrive home in Sydney I will be mixing some mortar! Hope you pop on over and say hello!

Sheri Burg, aka. Gardening Girl PB said...

OMG, absolutely love it! Great idea for a summer project...yup it'll be on my "To Do" list :) Thanks for sharing such creative & fun ideas!

Best wishes,


Vintage Beach said...

What a great idea! We have a huge garden with lots of palm trees and other high maintenance plants and it's hard work getting into the depths of it to prune everything. These would be fantastic scattered throughout to make my job easier. Nicole

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