Coastal Beach Garden Stepping Stones with Shells, Seaglass, Pebbles & More | DIY & Shop

Beautify your yard or garden with decorative stepping stones inspired by the sea. 

DIY Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones Coastal Beach Garden Ideas Garden Project
Shop beautiful coastal garden stepping stones or if you are feeling creative make your own coastal or beach theme garden stepping stones. If you want to make your own stepping stone(s) the cool part is that you don't need a Fancy Mold to do so.  You can use a non-stick cake pan or plastic planter trays as a mold, for example. Latter was used to create the above beach theme garden stepping stones. For the tutorial, go to Real Housemoms. Fast-setting concrete mix is commonly used to make DIY garden stepping stones.

Place your beach garden stepping stones anywhere in your yard or, of course, lay them out as a walkway. 

DIY Coastal Garden Stepping Stones
Sea glass pieces were used to make these stepping stones. Original source is no longer available.

Sea Glass Stepping Stone
Another beautiful example, using mostly seaglass, comes from Lovely Greens. For this stepping stone extra wire is used to give it more stability.

Coastal Beach Concrete Garden Stepping Stones Mosaic Glass Inlays Decorative Stepping Stone

Wide selection of 14 inch coastal and beach theme stepping stones made in USA. All created from solid concrete with stained glass inlays.

Sea Turtle Stepping Stone

Beach Shell Stepping Stone

12 x 12 inch beach theme stepping made in USA with hand cut stained glass, sealed for outdoor use and sturdy to step on. 

Concrete Sand Dollar Stepping Stones made in USA
12 inch stepping stones made in Rhode Island from concrete. They also have great sand dollar stepping stones.

Mix up a batch of mortar (which is cement mixed with an aggregate), pour it into a mold (here a foil pan was used), then decorate with shells, sea glass or beach pebbles, and let dry. Easy.

DIY Coastal Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones
DIY Stepping Stones by Buzzmills were made using aluminum brownie pans from the grocery store. Little kids made these shell mosaic garden stepping stones!

A shell flower design idea via Flickr.

A gorgeous spiral design with beach pebbles for this Stepping Stone.

Sand Dollar Stepping Stones

12 stepping stones made in Rhode Island from concrete.

Or compose a beach scene with pieces of glass or ceramic from a broken plate. Via Stepping Stone Pictures at

Sea Turtle Garden Stepping Stones
Great tutorial for making your own custom garden stepping stones, using any template you like (such as a sea turtle for example). By DIY Easy Crafts on Youtube

And other way to create a garden stepping stone (such as a sea turtle) is with a mosaic style composition. You can learn more at Rosanne's Garden.
To make garden stepping stones is a great project to do as a family. If you have small kids, have them add impressions of their hands or feet.