Greek Decor Style in White and Blue at Mykonos Blue Resort

The gorgeous Mykonos Blu Resort is a great example of Greek Decor Style.

Greek decor style
Bright white stucco buildings against the beautiful blue Aegean Sea -that's Greece.

Greek decor
Greek decor style has drama, is simple & uncluttered, with the main colors being white and blue. And contrast creates drama. Window frames are painted bright blue throughout.

Greek blue painting ceiling
A dramatic and stunning ceiling. The deep blue makes the room feel rich like the sea and contrasts nicely with the white walls and cement floor.

Greek stone bathroom
Bathrooms are painted in a cool hue and feature built in stone vanities, as well as carved stone tubs.

Greek blue decor
Natural decor like ladder racks are used.

Greek built in seating
Built in stone seating with tufted sea cushions, similar to window seats or eating nooks.

Mykonos Blu Resor
Mykonos Blue Resort demonstrates Greek decor style with a minimalist approach. The rooms feel cool and  fresh, something everyone will appreciate during the summer heat.