Ideas for Romantic Tropical Canopy Beds with Drapes

Create a romantic tropical dreamland with a canopy bed and drapes.

Romantic Tropical Canopy Bed Ideas Resort Style
Mosquito netting is a sleeping essential in tropical open spaces. In this Florida Gulf coast retreat designed by Gauthier & Stacy, you see the style beautifully applied in all of the bedrooms.

Canopy Bed for Tropical Decor
The Canopy Beds have simple lines and the draping of the fabric is lovely.

Canopy Bed
In each room the canopy bed makes a striking statement.

Canopy Bed with Sheer Fabric
If you already have a four-poster bed, fitting it with a canopy can transform it into a romantic tropical Dreamland.

Ideas for Draping Canopy Bed

Resort Style Canopy Bed
And a dreamy resort Bed with Drapes Greek Style that stands out against the bright Blue Painted ceiling. Even if you don't have a canopy bed, you can hang sheer panels from the ceiling, using hooks, brackets or rods -you can find another example on: 30 Beautiful Coastal Beach Bedroom Ideas