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Changing the bedding can give your entire bedroom a whole new look!

Coastal Beach and Nautical Bedding Shopping Sources | Where to Buy

Here are a few great online sources for a selection of beautiful coastal, beach and nautical theme bedding that captures the essence of carefree days on the beach.

Coastal, beach & nautical bedding
that transports you to the shore!

Shop Coastal Beach and Nautical Bedding
Coastal Bedding to soothe your soul from Bed Bath & Beyond's Coastal Collection.

Seashell Bedding Blue on White
Or imagine slipping under these lovely blue sea life covers! Also from Bed Bath & Beyond's Coastal Bedding Collection. They have many more designs to choose from and they carry a few nifty coastal theme sheets too!

Coastal Bedding Eastern Accents
Capri Beach House Bedding from Eastern Accents Coastal Bedding Collections at Wayfair.

Coastal Bedding Sets
Browse all Coastal and Nautical Bedding at Wayfair.

Sea Sun Sand Beach Bedding
Create an eternal summer feeling with Coastal Bedding and Nautical Bedding from Kohl's.
Sea Life Ocean Quilt
Or how about this fresh and breezy Ocean Medley Bed Quilt from Kohl's Home Classics!

Coastal Bedding at Kohls
And another gorgeous bedding set from Kohl's Coastal Bedding Collection, a Seven Piece Sea Inspired Comforter Set.

coastal bedding
Find Coastal Bedding at Target.

Coastal and Nautical Bedding Wayfair
Nautical and Coastal Bedding at Wayfair on Ebay.

Harbor House Bedding
Beachy Harbor House Bedding at Amazon.

Sand Dollar Quilt Set
Sand Dollar Quilt Set from Bealls Florida.

Blue Seashell Bedding
Fresh Seashells is another lovely set from Bealls.

Nautical Bedding
Nautical Bedding at Amazon.

green coastal bedding
Coastal Bedding at Caron's Beach House.

coastal bedding Pottery Barn
Bedding at Pottery Barn includes coastal and tropical motifs.

nautical bedding Urban Outfitters
Or dozing off with beautiful Bedding from Urban Outfitters.

Deny Beach Bedding
Beach Bum Bedding with a seaglass motif by Deny Designs.

Ocean Bedding Deny Design
Or dive on in with Ocean Bedding. Also a Deny Design via Nordstrom Bedding.

coastal bedding LLBean
Coastal bedding from LLBean.

With coastal bedding you can create a soothing retreat that will prompt many sweet dreams of sun, sand & sea!
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Kamichia @ Glass Float Junkie said...

Hey Maya...

I think I just saw that first pic in Garnet Hill about an hour ago!! They have some great stuff.

Can't wait to move so I can find a beachy spot to decorate!


Desperate Housewife said...

Nice! LL Bean has some great sheets this season, too... whales, nautical flags, and seashells. I have the whale and seashell sets. They're the most crisp, comfortable sheets I've ever slept on.


Love the seahorses & the shells

simpledaisy said...

What a perfect way to wake up in the morning....surrounded by sealife:)

Heidiopia said...

The sea horses are my favorite! But I love the shells, too... recipe for a restful sleep, I would say!

Juju at Tales of said...

O I LOVE these. I think I like the earthy second to last best :) FAB finds :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They are all so beautiful...the blue is so soothing and pretty! I'm going to look at the links! Thank you! ♥

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Was the blue the most expensive? heehee! I'm having to rethink my favorite! lol !

Drawn to The Sea said...

The "romantic" set, third from last, would look wonderful on a white iron bed. To me, they almost have a cabbage rose feeling... without the cabbages or roses.
Peaceful day~

Marie said...

Hi Maya - I've been looking for some bedding for my guest bedroom project and cannot find one that I like. However, I really like the grey, the sand, and the romantic you featured in this post. They're so so lovely!

Fearless Nester said...

Those are all so pretty and very inviting and comfortable looking . . . I'm suddenly getting very sleepy. ~Lili

Nikki said...

The first fishy ones are my favorite. My Sister had a fish bedroom growing up. She also decorated our joint bathroom with fish. When I moved out I told her my bathroom wouldn't have anything to do with fish. What is it now? Beach themed. Way to go Nikki.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love it all. Can't wait until we get our house so I can decorate! :)

Laurie Anne said...

Such dreamy bed linens...espcially love the romantic shell bedding as well as the sand dollar sheets .....awwwww....Zzzzzz... :-)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh...I'm loving those grays and taupes...yummy.

Popcorn Served Daily said...

The cozy quilt in grays has me swooning. Great choices, very nice.


seaphemera said...

Wish I had eight bedrooms so I could have every set! And all for me - every night I could sleep in a different room!

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

These are all so nice and different from the norm. Could drift off to sleep with beachy dreams.

Shellbelle said...

Love them all, but the romantic one is just gorgeous! Only problem, when I clicked on the link it is no longer available. Oh boo hoo, maybe it will be back soon!

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Maya, I'm back from school holidays and back to work this morning!! Boo-hoo! Am just loving these those gold fish, perfection!!! Hope all going great over there. Pxxx

Anonymous said...

How can I receive this blog in my email every day? -

Ashley said...

Anyone know where I can find the comforter with the anchors and swordfish? I've searched all over Amazon and can't find it anywhere!

Maya Nagel said...

Ashley, I'm sorry to hear that you were not able to find the nautical bedding on Amazon. I looked too, as well as checked some other stores for the same bedding, but couldn't find it. Unfortunately, store inventories change all the time, perhaps it will pop up again, you'll never know! Thanks for visiting Completely Coastal! ~Maya

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