Beach Garden Landscaping Ideas with Shore Finds

How to create a beachcomber paradise in your garden.

seashell garden path
Here are a few awesome beach theme garden landscaping ideas that show how you can incorporate your shore finds into your landscaping scheme, starting with Incorporating Seashells into your Garden Landscape -a path bordered by sea shells.  

Image: Flickr

beach driftwood garden gate idea
On Washington's San Juan Islands a couple built a garden gate, nailing together old boat paddles, along with other pieces of driftwood and flotsam. Via Sunset. Also check out this Driftwood Garden Fence.

Beach theme garden and landscaping idea
Instead of rock off-croppings around your water feature, create your own beach. Great way to showcase your shore finds, especially the larger pieces. Via HGTV.

beach theme garden design ideas
A true beach garden landscape. Carry in some sand (just a bucket full from an actual beach, the bulk of it from a garden store), plant grasses, then add found driftwood pieces, beach pebbles and other treasures to build your dream beach. 

Image: Sunset Magazine 

starfish garden pond
A stone water bowl in the shape of a starfish that you can fill with beach treasures. Design by Bob Bowling Rustics, Whidbey Island, WA. You can do a simple version of this and use a round stone bowl, or Bird Bath.

beach garden cloche
How to use a garden cloche at BHG.

beach garden wall
Create a Shell Garden Wall seen at GTV.

Waterfall Conch Shell Wall at Historic Spanish Point in Osprey Florida
Sometimes you find great garden landscaping ideas in unexpected places. On my visit to Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, FL (near Sarasota), I saw this waterfall wall embellished with large conch shells.

beach garden stepping stones
Or make Beach Garden Stepping Stones with sea glass, pebbles, shells.

decorate planting beds with beach finds
Anything you find on the beach can bring delight to a planting bed. Seen at HGTV.

buoy garden fence
Add the sea, whimsy and color to your garden fence with found Buoys. Seen in a Tybee Island Cottage at Jane Coslick.

driftwood garden stake sign idea
Create a fun garden focal point with a painted driftwood Garden Sign. By Simply Orcas.