Coastal Napkin Decoupage Projects

You can beautify pretty much anything with napkin decoupage. Bottles, pots, vases, boxes, canvases even rocks, just to name a few. So check out these inspiring coastal napkin decoupage projects from Craft Ideas Info and Bastel Ideen Info.

napkin decoupage bottle
What a gorgeous Bottle.

The basic method for all of these napkin decoupage projects. Peel off the top layer of the napkin and adhere it to an object of choice with Mod Podge or Elmers glue (mixed with water). To finish it off, brush glue onto the napkin from the center outward. For the full tutorials follow the links provided with each project. Some of the napkin decoupage projects have the instructions written in German, but you can still click on the pictures and see how it's done (and/or use the translator from your browser)

coastal napkins decoupage
The technique even works with a Bottle Vase.

decoupaged flower pots
Decoupaged Flower Pots.

decoupage rocks
Dream of summer holidays at the sea with Rock Paperweights, or Painted Beach Rocks!

DIY decoupage art
Great project if you don't know How to Paint! Simply create napkin decoupage Art with cracking medium and your choice of paper napkins.

decoupage welcome sign
Or make a wooden Welcome Sign. And if you're up for it, try napkin decoupage on larger items such as a storage trunk or side table.