12 Summer Wreath Ideas with a Coastal, Beach & Nautical Themd

Fun Wreaths with a coastal, beach and nautical theme that are perfect for summer.

Best Summer Wreaths

Some of these coastal summer wreaths are DIY projects, while other wreaths can be purchased -all can inspire your very own wreath! For a DIY wreath, start with a basic wreath form that suits you best. Above wreath is a Rope Wreath built on a wire form, for example. Or create a beachy summer wreath using a foam form, a straw wreath, a Grapevine Wreath, or a plain Driftwood Wreath -and decorate the form with beach finds. 

Coastal Beach Summer Wreath Ideas

Coastal Beach Twig Wreath Sea Shells
Coastal beach wreath made from collected sticks that is perfect for your summer home decor from Crafts by Amanda.

Burlap Summer Wreath
Deco mash and burlap are the base of this quirky DIY Summer Wreath by Kopykat. The Homemade Starfish are adorable.

Seaglass Summer Wreath
A flat sturdy wreath ring was used to make this DIY Seaglass Summer Wreath. Seaglass was adhered with hot glue to the rope wrapped wreath form (sea picture below).

How to Glue Seaglass

Beach Summer Wreath
Cute whimsical DIY Swimsuit Wreath Idea.

Nautical Welcome Wreath
From the same creator (as above) comes this welcoming DIY Nautical Wreath.

Flip Flop Summer Party Wreath
The ultimate beach summer wreath, a Flip Flop Wreath. A wire wreath form was used to create this celebratory burst of color. 

Cocktail Umbrella Wreath
What comes to mind when you see this fun wreath? Sand between toes and drink in your hand? It's super easy to make this colorful Cocktail Umbrella Wreath. You simply stick cocktail umbrellas into a Grapevine Wreath.

Flamingo Wreath Idea
Feminine flamingo wreath by Megan Ballarini on Instagram.  

Dress up your Front Door, entryway or porch with a coastal, beach or nautical summer wreath.